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The art of vision is seeing the invisible

Experts in ideation, acceleration and technology development, tailored to the needs of your business

Enjoy the benefits of a multi disciplinary team

from an investment, operational and technical perspective


What is Tribepad Ventures?

Tribepad Ventures is an entrepreneurship platform for Work Tech start ups and early stage HR Tech businesses, or those tech enabled businesses looking to significantly accelerate their growth.

The business has two pillars, an Incubator and an Accelerator. Underpinned by experts in high end technology, recruitment & staffing and M&A the Founders have a global tech ecosystem that informs and drives cutting edge Work Tech innovation.

We are passionate about enabling the net creation of jobs that both the Incubator and Accelerator hubs offer.

Let's go

Are you ready to apply for investment, experience and operational know how of Tribepad Ventures to help your business?

What we do

Tribepad ventures offers a solution to the needs of each start up, early stage business, or those tech enabled businesses looking to rapidly accelerate their growth. Whether this is ideation, tech partnering or capital and infrastructure, the overriding asset is direct access to those who have both done this before, doing it now or about to embark. We offer Knowledge, Courage and Capital.

Mentorship & advice

Tribepad Ventures offers both Board level advice as well as SMT Mentorship to portfolio businesses. This includes:

  • Innovation & Creative Thinking in Technology
  • Operations & Technical Development
  • Business Strategy & Marketing
  • Board Governance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Hiring
  • Exit Planning


Tribepad Ventures holds a deep and broad level of both domestic and international connectivity. This network has been developed over several years and is particularly strong in UK, USA and Israel. Along with an ecosystem active in global investment summits there is also privileged access to individuals who not only have shaped Work Tech from the inside but also those at the forefront of Work Tech Government policy and development. Network includes:

  • Portfolio businesses
  • Technologists
  • Serial entrepreneurs
  • Recruitment & Staffing experts
  • Corporate Finance
  • Investor community
  • Corporate Legal
  • Public Policy experts


Providing the oxygen to enable ideation to adoption or accelerator capital to realise incremental growth Tribepad Ventures will work closely to provide a holistic solution. This results in sitting on the Board of all Portfolio businesses and providing a Board level value add to ensure growth and return is achieved:

  • Seed Capital
  • Series A/B
  • Grants
  • Subsidies

Access to market

The Tribepad Ventures ecosystem including Portfolio businesses enable significant access to a wide variety of clients including some of the world’s most iconic and successful brands. The model has a particular emphasis on affiliation, integration and reseller relationships.

Work space

Where required and appropriate Tribepad Ventures can offer cutting edge infrastructure with which all Portfolio businesses can work and assimilate. While this offers economies of scale it also provides fluid knowledge management and an informed Tribepad Ventures community hub. Synergistic growth.

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