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Tribepad Ventures is an entrepreneurship platform for Work Tech start ups. From ideation to scale up we support exceptional teams scaling early stage companies. We work closely with entrepreneurs from a strategic, operational, technical, investment and exit standpoint. Concept to reality; pre revenue to revenue; early to mid stage.

We are fundamentally interested in companies that impact on the HR / Recruitment eco system. Tribepad Ventures offers Work Tech founders with an unrivalled reach to our global network and commercial support, along this crucial time in a start up’s life cycle.


The commonality between the Incubator and Accelerator is the enablement of business growth through the provision of mentorship, network, technical development, capital and guidance. Incentive alignment is essential, particularly relevant as we can help facilitate toward an event. This is often in the form of shared equity and / or revenue share. The net creation of jobs is proportionately weighted to the incubator although not necessarily exclusive to and is an area we are truly passionate about.


  • We welcome individuals and teams. Selected from the local community
  • Incubator businesses are earlier in the process and do not operate to a set time schedule although do work toward a target maturation date
  • Geographical hubs with companies working alongside each other
  • Tribepad Ventures will refine the idea, build out the business plan, work out product / market fit, identify intellectual property rights
  • Network in the Tribepad Ventures start up ecosystem
  • Cutting edge mentoring and business coaching
  • Connection to the local community
  • Shared equity and or revenue
  • Access to seed capital
  • Access to best in class technical development


  • We welcome teams and early stage businesses or businesses seeking accelerated growth
  • Tribepad Ventures offer a fast test validation of the business
  • Work toward a measureable growth outcome over a defined period
  • Access to offices offering economies of scale
  • Invited into a cohort structure embracing market synergies
  • Shared equity and or revenue
  • Access to capital
  • Network access to clients, investor, portfolio community
  • Cutting edge mentoring and business coaching
  • Access to best in class technical development
  • Unique and holistic investment model, tailored to the needs of each start up.
  • Ideation journey accelerates innovative solutions and adoption of ideas.
  • Entrepreneurs enjoy the benefit of a multi disciplinary team that works together with entrepreneurs from an investments, operational and technical perspective

Tribepad Ventures provides


Sandbox for validation

Full stack support

Access to global market

Multidisciplinary mentors

Industry leading network

Dynamic Workspace

Let's go

Are you ready to apply for investment, experience and operational know how of Tribepad Ventures to help your business?

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